CTX Version 2.0 Just Released

Ucentrik has just released a new SDK for CTX version 2.0!

Version 2.0 includes all the features & functionality of version 1.0 along with recording: a built-in module enables audio recording for reporting, analysis and adherence to industry regulations.

CTX version 2.0 also includes motion detection (i.e. triggering a “call” when someone is near an end-point; according to pre-defined criteria) and X.264 support.

The H.264 standard for video compression provides high quality HD video conferencing over IP networks; this new technology eliminates the jitter and latency associated with legacy architectures and enables multi-party video conferencing without any noticeable delays or loss of information. Which is not to say that today’s CTX has issues with jitter or latency – we’re experiencing excellent performance with VP8 and Theora video codecs (royalty-free) that are both natively supported in CTX; we simply want to support as wide an array of video codecs as possible to make CTX as flexible as we can.


Test Drive CTX Today

Request a free download of the CTX SDK. You can also download the source code for our CTX-based Collaborative Video Application to get up & running almost instantly!

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