Development Freedom


- The framework allows you to develop your own completely customized application to enable any type of interaction, with minimal development effort

- Offers direct access to a Single, Powerful API to take advantage of the advanced functionality within the architecture

- Enables seamless integration of functionality into a web-browser

- Supports the ability to build interoperability with standards-based communication protocols, including existing standards (SIP, H323 etc.)

- Event-based architecture allows you to easily extend your application functionality to send custom messages & remote commands through our communication framework & transfer ‘Text’, ‘Binary’, custom method calls, etc. from within our API

- Peripheral devices can be added to utilize the communication framework API for customized & tailored solutions

- Motion detection module can trigger calls automatically when activity is detected near an end-point (according to pre-defined criteria)

- Our proprietary protocol and network detection mechanism allows our solution to forge through any firewall configuration

- Does not require an end user to install any software to get connected, nor does it require any admin rights

- Built-in module enables audio recording for reporting, analysis and adherence to industry regulations

- Highly scalable; can be deployed in a single or multi-server scenario wherever scaling is required

- If you need to ramp-up, there is no need to re-architect, it’s as simple as deploying an additional server for capacity


Deployment OptionsVideo Conference

- Can be deployed in both SaaS/Cloud & Behind the Firewall models

- Behind the firewall offers highly secured intra-corporate communications; ideal for financial and government institutions

- Can be deployed on top of a standard Windows OS

- Server Ports can easily be configured to operate within your infrastructure

- Hardware agnostic software; does not require any additional investment for infrastructure or expensive conferencing equipment

- All hardware can have other applications and services running alongside

- Peripheral devices can be added to create customized & tailored solutions

- Runs over the Internet, but can also run through an intranet or dedicated routes


- Supports end-to-end SSL data encryption (256 bit AES)

- All communication features (video, VoIP and content) result in a single data stream running over a secured TCP connection for each user

- Uses proprietary protocol between the Server and Client

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Request a free download of the CTX SDK. You can also download the source code of our CTX-based Collaborative Video Application to get up & running almost instantly!

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