Developer IdeasWhat can CTX do for you?

Ucentrik provides our CTX Application Development Platform for the rapid development and management of custom video communication, VoIP and collaboration solutions.

Developers use CTX to develop, deploy and manage video communication solutions that are robust, yet practical, highly scalable with reliable firewall traversal, software only – which means no hardware or infrastructure requirements – and flexible – which means no vendor lock-in.



With the CTX SDK, Developers can:

- Deliver Innovative Solutions with Video, VoIP & Collaboration through a Single, Powerful API
- Easily Integrate Video & VoIP into Existing Systems
- Rapidly Develop, Debug & Deploy with No Capital Investment
- Access Sample Code, Sample Apps & Documentation



Ucentrik CTX SDK enables you to integrate high-quality, multi-point video, audio, chat, collaboration (e.g. remote-desktop sharing and control) and recording in your applications. The video codecs supported are VP8 (Google), Theora with x.264 coming soon.

Additionally, the rich media traffic is encapsulated within an HTTP protocol to enable it to traverse firewalls that enable normal web traffic. We’ve released a completely free SDK so you can download so that you can evaluate without investing any time setting up the infrastructure. You can also download a collaborative video application with intelligent call routing, call transfer, data tracking and reporting that we’ve made available through open-source to speed up your development even more!


The technology supports both one-to-one and one-to-many connections and the features are highly modular so you can integrate just the video, audio or desktop share or a combination of the technologies using the same SDK.

Developers are currently working with CTX SDK to deliver Conferencing, Collaboration, Call Center, Technical Support, Customer Service, Sales, Video Chat and Gaming Solutions that are deployed on Web Properties, Enterprise Applications, Kiosks, Digital Signage and Technical Support Solutions.


Test Drive CTX Today

Request a free download of the CTX SDK. You can also download the source code of our CTX-based Collaborative Video Application to get up & running almost instantly!

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