“Live Consultant” Application

Ucentrik has released an Open-Source, CTX-based, Collaborative  Video “Live Consultant” Application for Service & Support. The application enables an online interaction between customers and “agents” with 2-way Video, VoIP, Chat & Collaboration (desktop share & control).

The application includes a Complete Call Center Component with Intelligent Call Routing, Call Transfer, Data Tracking & Reporting; and enables calls from Kiosks, Digital Signage, Websites and Applications.

The turnkey application enables you to offer an online collaborative video chat almost instantly, but we’ve made this available as an open-source solution so you can brand & customize according to your own needs. Even if your use case doesn’t require a ‘call center like application’, you will still find the the code useful for features like intelligent call routing, user account management and tracking, call recording etc. that you can use to jump start development of your own solutions.

Key Features

- Video: high-quality, real-time video and audio conferencing
- Collaboration: via screen /desktop sharing & remote control technology
- Intelligent Call Routing: for on-demand, multilingual, multi-product support and outbound calling
- Flexible: secure web-based application is accessible from any computer with internet access
- Customizable: brand and white label, integrate with existing functionality or build on top for your own specific use cases through open source
- Easily Deployed Solution: firewall-friendly, low bandwidth, free trial hosted on our servers; with a server component available for your own behind the firewall deployment


1- Customize

Quickly & easily get an online collaborative video chat service up and running for any type of use case:

- Customer Service & Support

- Remote Technical Support

- Sales

- Consulting & Professional Services

- Video Chat/Video Conferencing

Include only the functionality you require: video, VoIP, chat, desktop share, remote control, recording, call routing, call transfer…

2 – Deploy

This low bandwidth, firewall friendly  solution carries video & VoIP through affordable USB webcams and headsets making it practical for you to give customers direct access to expert consultants for remote support, consultative sales & service, letting you influence purchase decisions and provide clients with an exceptional service experience from virtually anywhere including your website, on kiosks/digital signage.

We’ll host a free trial on our servers until you’re ready to deploy behind the firewall.

3 – Benefit

- Higher Revenues: drive sales, upsell and VAS, while speeding up the sales cycle and reducing customer wait times
- Reduced Costs: through centralized staff load balancing
- Reduced Returns: by right-sizing customers at the point of sale
- Broaden Your Reach: with direct access to specialists, multilingual services
- Improved ROI: with complementary use of existing technology (e.g. wayfinding, bill payment kiosks)



This C# application has integrated Ucentrik’s CTX – a software-only, application development platform for complex collaborative video solutions. CTX is market proven; it’s been the engine of multiple deployments for over 6 years and was released as a free SDK in the summer of 2011.

Communication                   Call Center                      Setup & Customization

- High-quality, multi-point, 2-way video, can be carried over any PC peripheral, which means affordable USB webcams and headsets
- 2-way VoIP is complemented by text chat to easily communicate with callers
- Flexible screen sharing tools enable agents to share any content they can open on their computer with the caller (anything from online order forms, to product pictures, videos or spec sheets) as well as viewing & remotely controlling the callers/kiosk screen
- Agents control audio, video and screen share settings (video quality settings, turn on/off video & audio, volume) directly in the application; all communication settings are completely customizable in the source code

- The application includes agent, supervisor & administrator accounts with permission-based roles & secure password retrieval
- Easily setup intelligent call routing according to your custom criteria
- The same group of agents can take calls from any end point (kiosks, websites, applications etc.)
- Agents can transfer calls & see all queued calls
- Agents can make outbound calls to kiosk or website visitors
- Includes audio recordings, data tracking & reporting – all customizable through the source code

- Easily embed access for callers onto kiosks/digital signage or into websites & applications
- Secure application supports SSL data encryption (256 bit AES)
- Access to the application source code and Ucentrik’s CTX SDK means that you can customize any feature of the call center application & the communication & collaboration experience to make this truly your own
- Ucentrik can host a free trial for you while you customize or test deployment options internally; when you’re ready to host the service yourself, contact us for more info on our server component (includes back-up server capability)


Get the Open-Source Collaborative Video Application Today

Download the source code and Request a free download of the CTX SDK.

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