Professional ServicesProfessional Services

Ucentrik’s professional services team provides custom CTX development services, server licensing and development support. We also provide access to the CTX source code through escrow subscriptions. Contact us to get a quote…



Custom Development

Looking for some additional functionality – or even a complete solution – that you don’t want to build yourself? Our development team can help you deliver customized CTX-based solutions. We also do custom development on our open-source application.

Server Licensing

Ucentrik offers a CTX server component with maintenance packages that include updates and support for clients to host their CTX-based solutions themselves.


Escrow Subscriptions

Want a little insurance that this free platform you’re working with is going to be around for a while? We provide access to the source code through a paid subscription.

Find out more…

Let us know what type of service and support you’re looking for; tell us what you need and we’ll get back to within 2 business days.

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