Key Features

- Modular & flexible framework supports any type of use case & multiple platforms

- Easily integrated, runs on open IP or dedicated/private networks

- High-quality, multi-point video & VoIP with robust collaborative modules

- Software only; is not dependent upon proprietary hardware or conferencing infrastructure



The CTX framework allows you to develop a completely customized application, for any type of interaction, with minimal development effort. The SDK offers direct access to a Single Powerful API; more…ext text text text

Deployment Options

CTX can be deployed both SaaS/Cloud & Behind the Firewall modes and does not require any additional investment for infrastructure or expensive conferencing equipment making large scale roll-outs practical & affordable; more…


CTX’s high-quality, multi-point, real-time video & VoIP adds a face-to-face, live interaction to any type of application. CTX optimizes video, VoIP & collaboration to run over the internet without heavy hardware requirements or MCU’s; more…


CTX combines all communication features (video, VoIP & collaboration) into a single data stream running over a secured TCP connection for each user; more…


We don’t think interaction should be limited to video & audio, so CTX includes real-time application & desktop sharing, co-browse, remote control, text chat & recording to accommodate any type of usage, including remote support; more…

Sample Applications

The SDK includes sample, brandable video chat & remote support applications and we’ve also made a video collaboration application (with a complete call center backend) available through open-source ; more…

Test Drive CTX Today

Request a free download of the CTX SDK. You can also download the source code for our CTX-based Collaborative Video Application to get up & running almost instantly!

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